Doorsets, Acoustics & Fire Doors

TG metal doorsets are specially designed for the Middle East and Asian markets, using the latest manufacturing techniques. We produce lightweight, yet heavy-duty doorsets with aesthetic qualities that meet fire performance criteria.

TG acoustic doors are available as fire-rated or non fire-rated units. They are custom manufactured to specific client requirements using the latest acoustic barrier materials and seals, and are widely used for plant, generator and AHU rooms.

These doors are available in a variety of designs including single and double leaf, with or without glass vision panels and with powder-coated or wet paint finishes.

TG acoustic doors have been tested at the Building Research Establishment Ltd UK to BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 & BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 to STC 48 and field tested in Dubai by TCG Acoustics FZ-LLC to STC 52. TG manufactures 2 and 4 hour fire doors tested to BS 476 - Part 22, 1987 section 5, which checks non-combustibility, fire propagation, surface spread of flame, external exposure and fire resistance. Fire-rated doors are tested and certified at the Warrington Fire Research Centre (UK) and labled by Certifire.

TG doors can be fabricated in stainless or galvanized steel, insulated or non-insulated and can be seamless or have an edge seam. They can be incorporated into TG partition systems.

Our large selection of frame designs suits different wall construction techniques and dimensions. TG also provides the necessary hardware for steel doors, with full installation service or supervision of installation..

All TG fire doors are tested at Warrington Fire Global Saftey UK

  • BS 476 part 22 single acting glazed double leaf doorset: 4 hrs
  • BS 476 part 22 single acting solid double leaf doorset: 4 hrs
  • BS 476 part 22 glazed single leaf: 2 hrs
  • BS 476 part 22 solid single leaf: 2 hrs