Demountable Parititions

Our partition systems are easy to assemble, install and dismantle, making them very convenient for a multitude of applications. TG creates elegant, customized shopfronts and glazed screens in a variety of finishes to suit customer tastes and design specifications.

TG60 & TG80 Partition Systems

The TG60 is a lightweight, user-friendly system.

It is a fully demountable, relocatable modular mono-block system designed around a standard 600 mm ceiling grid. The standard partitions are 1200 mm powder coated modules and can incorporate solid units and single glazing in various configurations; these include fully glazed, top glazed and half glazed. The modules can be supplied with a variety of applied finishes to suit specific requirements such as paper, vinyl and fabric wall coverings or high-pressure laminates and veneers.

The TG80 works around the same design principles as the TG60 but can incorporate electrical sockets that can be fitted at the factory during manufacture.

Industrial Partitions

These partitions are widely used in the IT and telecommunications sectors, within the automotive industry and by businesses involved in storage and distribution. They are available as 60 mm or 80 mm sandwich panels, or as a 50 mm single skin. As with the other TG partition systems, they are available in a varietyof configurations and finishes including single or double glazed and powder-coated welded metal mesh. They too are designed around a standard 600 mm grid ceiling with the panels at 1200 mm.

A wide range of security devices and locking arrangements can be incorporated into the system for higher security facilities. Electrical voice and data service outlets can be incorporated at the manufacturing stage.